Last year, I lost my puppy. He wasn't a puppy really but just like all children are forever your baby, my 11 year old Pomeranian was a puppy. It was sudden and devastating. Like a car crash you can't stop and can't help replaying. Like a break-up but worse because he or you are not choosing to leave, it just happened. Anyone who loves an a fur friend knows how it feels, they are your family, they love you unconditionally. I regret when I wasn't the best dog mom, I regret all the nights and moments he missed me, I regret not giving him the whole salmon steak the evening before thinking, he would eat it in the morning. I regret that he will never see the new home I have that needs him. I regret that he will never run around here enjoying the nooks and crannies while I play hide and seek with him. I regret that I can't tease him and crush him with a hug just once more. But despite feeling enormous pain at not having him here, I don't regret taking him home with him. I'm hoping that some day I can think of him without crying and without missing him so much that my heart hurts....literally hurts. When he passed I asked so many questions, so I hope this will help someone going through the same thing. Yes, you are normal, yes, it will hurt for a long long time. Yes, I understand how you feel and it will get better.