Eco-friendly Alycia Rain umbrella Ladybug Print


. Eco-friendly Umbrella with retractable water-proof cover bag

. Water-proof cover bag is detachable with press buttons

. 19" canopy fold umbrella

. Aluminum, metal and fiberglass frame

. Cute ladybug handsprayed polkadots

. 6 - month warranty comes with each umbrella


The eco-friendly world first Alycia Rain Umbrella is now available in limited quantities. The most inventive umbrella since the umbrella itself. An affordable and smart way to solve the one annoying problem umbrellas have - carrying it around when it's wet.

An adorable ladybug  canopy and compact utility patented design with an ergonomic handle discreetly holds your bag inside and can be easily retracted out to turn into a cover bag for your wet umbrella. Hence, no more carrying wet umbrellas - a simple and affordable way to be eco-friendly and drip-free forever.

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. 48cm/19" canopy
. 26cm/10.5" length
. 17cm/6.8" circumference
. 230g/0.5lb Weight

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